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In her book, “Homicide by Hygiene,” Michelle Kolcan brings an honest perspective on the often-overlooked dangerous and harmful chemicals contained in our personal care and makeup items. Her dedication to enlightening us about the hazardous chemicals many remain oblivious of and how to find one’s way through the chemical maze of the ingredient lists on our everyday products, is evident in this work. As an experienced Holistic Health Practitioner, Michelle puts a spotlight on the often withheld facts about the cosmetics industry and also the regulatory loopholes that are supposed to ensure the safety of our products.
With extensive knowledge from her academic background, as well as her personal journey of struggling with skin issues in the past, Michelle has been able to provide a line of body products that contain only natural and organic ingredients. No synthetics, harmful chemicals or harmful preservatives are in her products.                                  What gets on the skin can travel inside the body and slowly kill you!
At the heart of Michelle's work lies a genuine care for people. From her youthful aspirations of missionary work to her current career, she dedicates herself to improving the health of others naturally and increasing their happiness hence, the name of her business Happy Health Naturally, LLC. Not only has she relentlessly worked at creating this skincare line but also helps those wishing for wellness discussing diet, sleep, exercise, mental and emotional health as a Holistic Health Practitioner and conducting in-person consultations being certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She has received a certificate in Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry and doesn't stop learning!
Michelle's professional background covers a degree in the Applied Science of Complementary and Alternative Medicine having graduated with honors and a specialization in herbalism from the esteemed American College of Healthcare Sciences based in Portland, Oregon. Her affiliations with esteemed institutions like Consumer Lab and the American Botanical Council further highlight her dedication to ensuring product purity and advocating for the therapeutic potential of natural remedies. She has been invited to speak before students of the college from which she graduated in reference to her work. And, to help teach others the value of using essential oils therapeutically, in November of 2022, she spoke for the Global Scientific Guild at their 7th Global Webinar on Traditional and Integrative Medicine.
Through this book, you will gain essential knowledge on how to protect yourself from dangerous chemicals. From a useful reference list on the back page to guide you on your shopping trip to detailed descriptions of natural and effective alternatives and how you can help bring about positive change in the cosmetics industry. Each choice we make whether it’s the food we eat, the words we utter or the products we use, greatly influence our health and influence choices others make.
Become an empowered consumer, equipped with the knowledge you need to make informed choices to safeguard your health and share this knowledge to help all who will listen. It could mean one's life!
You are welcome to reach out to her directly with the information provided on her website, and she will be happy to help!

This book contains 295 pages, available on Amazon and several other locations.